Project Description

Huge Rubik’s Cube

This product design was an oversized Rubik’s cube. The base function for this is as a coffee table however it also looks great as a piece of scenery for any 1980’s retro event.

This project was a redesign of an existing rental product at event prop hire.  The previous product was a simple painted wooden box that had vinyl stickers applied. The main issue with this was that it was quite heavy and was consistently damaged after every event.

With these problems in mind, I created with design as a solution.  I added 3D elements to the cube, this is not just a finishing detail, however, the raised edges that resemble gaps between the individual cubes now also provide a slightly raised edge.  This raised edge means if the cube is dragged on its side the stickers are not damaged.  The cube itself is finished with a sprayed on hard plastic coating that is pigmented black.  This means the cube edges never need repainting.

The next innovative solution comes with the coloured stickers on the cube.  Cast vinyl sheet can be quite strong if it is applied to the correct substrate, the cube squares are applied to 3mm thick acrylic.  These are attached to the hard-coated cube via velcro.  This has two great benefits, initially, it makes them removable if they are damaged but more importantly the velcro allows the squares to be slightly pushed towards the cube with minor resistance.  The result of this slight give in the velcro is that the stickers are rarely damaged.

Problem solved with a great design!


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